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Saturday March 24th winner is ticket#295301

Congratulations to Cindy!

Sunday March 25th winner is ticket#295326

Congratulations to Ana!

You could win this beautiful basket!

One (1) prize is available to be won on each day, consisting of  a bottle of Gain Original liquid detergent (96 Load), a bottle of Gain Original Liquid Fabric Softener (60 Load), a box of Gain Original Dryer Sheet (120 sheets), a bottle of Gain Original in-wash scent booster (275g), a bottle of Clorox Original liquid bleach (1.89L), Gain Original Scented Lint Roller (60 sheets),  24 White Multipurpose Hangers, a white laundry basket, a gray bath towel, 2 (two) coin change holder, a large re-usable (nylon) laundry bag pre-printed “North York Coin Laundry”  (Approximate value: $100.00 CDN).

*Win a Basket Rules:
  • Single entry
  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • one ballot per family


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